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kwin bali


Ow, yeah... that phrase is trending on Twitter TT list today.
Any K-pop lovers of course know what does it mean.

In Inkigayo today,
Gain won mutizen and it was her last performance for promoting "Irreversible".
The best part is, Kwon became today's MC. He was like "screaming" Gain's name when he announced today's winner "GAIN!"
Gain said once in WGM, that she wants Kwon to cry with her on stage if she got #1 and of course like we always know Adam Couple never missed their promise to each other. Eventhough it was only an imitating cry Kwon did, but still, he keeps his promise to his "wife".
I'm sure Gain was happy for that and I really hope we'll get to watch today's BTS in WGM episode.

Here to watch it Gain winning speech cut
cre : CrazyCarrot360 @ YT

Also, I demand for today's Inka encore fancam, Some fan acc said that Kwon sang and danced along the song on stage with her!! Why SBS cut that part? that's a MUST WATCH for Adam Couple fandom, like me!

Kwon updated their me2day today. He wrote congratulation to Gain for became #1 for her 1st solo. He said he was so proud and happy to see Gain so happy today. Gain is always smiling enjoying today. He posted their pic together taken in Bali. I use it in my userpic for this post. For the bigger size, u can visit their me2day here :
me2day.net/adamadams The pic is quite dark, but u can always see their big smile =D

Ow, right Kwon did mention that he wants to buy Gain branded bag for their 1 year anniversary (but Gain wrote in their me2day, that she wants branded bag if she got #1, so hmmm....) anyway, it doesn't matter which one is which, the point is he keeps his promise. Gain's manager said that the bag has been given to Gain.

Seriously, after that expensive couple ring, bare face revealed, "diamond ring" and now a branded bag, they really should dating for real!
Even my friend who just watched 5 eps of WGM said that they really look good together and they should dating for real.
I believe maa~~~ny ppl are agree with me, don't u guys? ㅎㅎㅎ