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Thinking about...

1st November.
I'm so glad that it's already November. I really want time to fly fast to year end. Too bad my trip this year end is delayed. The airfare is insanely high >.<

Maybe ppl wondering why am I so glad. It's November, so that's mean
i'm getting closer to my holiday~ ^^
I'm going to hv a trip on next end of Jan. so 3 months to go....
I'm so can't wait to get out from work hectic for a while. 9 days will be good to refresh my body and mind.

Got 2 trip plans for 2011. One on CNY and other will be in second half, maybe around September.
Still thinking about the 2nd destination though. After counting the budget, Thailand and Hongkong are in 2 top destination.
The budget needed are almost the same. Where to go then? Thailand or Hongkong?
Maybe i'll decide by looking for cheaper airfare. Cheaper is better right? (it is for me now. hehehe...)

Ppl around me think that i go on a trip too often. Well, can't blame them. With Indo's salary rate and i've been work for only 1 year, but I already have plan to go here and there. If ppl ask me "What do u work for?", I answer "I work for holiday, trips"
My wildest dream is to see the world. I can do less shopping (but for novels is still kinda hard, but i'm trying to) and saving money for my trips. See the world is more valuable than have expensive things. Expensive things will broken someday, but the memories and experience in new places, meeting new ppl and knowing new cultures are priceless and won't be broken.

Still soooo many places in the world I wanna see. I really hope I can visit those places one day.

My 1st step began last May and still so many steps to take and money to save to fulfill my lifetime dream.

1 thing in my mind right now :
Do it slowly but surely  =D