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안녕하세요~ ^^

I'd like to say hello to everybody here in LJ.
I had my LJ acc for quite long time ago, but never been active before.
So here I am now starting a new. ^^

My favourite is of course the one and only K-Pop.
Thx to my very dear friend (i really do think u know who u are) who poisoned me and now I'm addicted to it.

Well, even though I'm a K-Pop addict, doesn't mean i don't pay attention to any other music.
I still like western and chinese, such as Lady Gaga, PCD, BEP and SHE, but K-Pop already take my hear away since the end of 2006.

I like to do photoshop too, but recently I've been hiatus for almost 1 year.
Will re-doing it soon when i have a mood for it. hehehe....

Currently i have my most favourite groups/singers in K-Pop. They are :
1. After School
2. CSJH The Grace
3. Son Dam Bi
4. Lee Hyo Ri
5. 2PM
6. Big Bang
7. Super Junior

TV shows :
1. Family Outing
2. Star King
3. Star Golden Bell
4. All music program (Inkigayo, The M, M! countdown, Music Bank, Music Core)

Will update this journal with anything I want.
Well, that's the title of my journal refering to : "My Own World"
Welcome you all to comments, but please follow my only rules :

Still lots to learn to costumize my journal
I think it's enough for my 1st....

God bless you ^^


Haha......welcome to LJ.....
Do whatever you want, say whatever you want.....that's what I love about LJ....
See you..XD
Hello ^^V
Jungah and Junho smiles for you~
Hello! I was browsing schools directory and found you under Widya Mandala University~

I'm from UWM too, Psychology Dept. year 2009. Glad to find someone else from UWM on LJ~