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After A While...

Yap, been more than 1 year since my last and only post. LOL!
I've been thinking to use my LJ more often, but seriously work is driving me crazy and make me "almost" have no life.

updating about K-pop, thankfully I'm still have time for it in the middle of work craziness.
I'm so into Running Man and WGM Jo Kwon-Ga in. I remembered the last time I watched WGM Alshin, after they quit I thought I would never watch any WGM anymore. But, look at me know, I'm one of Adam Couple fandom *fangirling* XD Running Man and WGM keeps my sanity in the middle of insane work life (Thanks to the producers for that).

So, in my 1st post i had listed my fav singers and tv shows and I would like to add some more.
Singer :
1. 2AM
2. Brown Eyed Girls

TV Show :
1. WGM (especially Adam Couple)
2. Running Man

Btw, at my 1st post, i wrote that i pay attention to other music besides K-Pop. I would like to make a correction now. Other musics are big fat zero for me. The one and only I listen and follow the update is K-pop. Try to ask me new western, Indonesian or chinese songs, you'll hear "what is that?" or "who is that?" or "i don't know" for sure.

To fulfill my addiction to K-world, I really want to visit that Ginseng Country one day. Seriously think about it nowadays, going to visit Korea with my "addicted" friends. Hopefully we can fulfill our old days dream by 2012. Still have about 2 years to saving money, so Let's Go Girls!! ^^

That's my second update here and still dedicated to K-pop world



You make me check on LJ after a long time, wkwkwk.

Second update and still dedicated to the K-Pop world.
I guess I'm one of your 'addicted friends' XDD
Let's go girls!!!

I'm thinking to using my LJ to write all my rants, seriously going crazy because of works.
LOL!! hellow girl!! suddenly I remember my LJ. LOL!!!